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Being a stay at home mom in my late 20s with two kids that are finally in school, I have very little to keep me occupied. Well, little that's fun. I am currently attending school online, going for my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. That takes up some of my time but not enough of it. I get bored very easily and like to keep my mind engaged.

To do this, I pick up quite a few hobbies. I draw, I paint (oil, acrylic, watercolor), I roleplay with friends online, but most of all, I love to crochet. I am mostly self-taught, having been taught only the basic chain stitch and a double-crochet stitch back in fifth grade. From there I took it upon myself to learn different stitches by going online and seeking out the stitches along with new patterns to try out.

I pretty much gave up shortly after I started. I later picked it back up when I got pregnant with my first child. James Matthew is now turning 8 years old and he is my little angel. I made him a blanket while I was pregnant with him and he still sleeps with it. I later made a blanket for my daughter, Anna Marie who just turned 5. My love for crochet picked up again from there. She also got a purple ducky and James got a star pillow. I would pick up and drop projects over the years but have picked it up again and hope to keep with it this time. Having honed my skills, my dolls come out even better than before, especially with the amazing patterns that are now available to me.

I love crochet, and want nothing more than to share that love with whoever will listen.

My favorite pattern and crochet sites!:
Crafty is Cool, Amigurumi.net

Useful resource sites!:
CR's Crafts (great source for amigurumi safety eyes!)

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