Sunday, September 29, 2013

AmiguruME: First Attempt Complete!... Next project?

AmiguruME: Deanna McArthur Doll
She's Finished! Took a total of a day and a half. The eyes are 12mm as I don't have my 10mm eyes yet. But not too shabby if I do say so for my first person doll. I figured that doing a doll of myself was a good way to make a spokesdoll. She came out better than I expected and even has little black bows down her back. The dress is one that I have and love to wear (if only I had the occasion to wear it). All in all a job well done!

What's next on the agenda?! Should I do another amiguruME doll? Another bear? A lion? A moose? Or maybe Christmas stockings! What do you think? Let me hear your thoughts for my next project!

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