Saturday, September 28, 2013

Safety Eyes: the impossible journey!

So, like many I'm sure, I have had a hell of a time finding safety eyes in the size I need for Allison Hoffman's AmiguruME dolls. I haven't been able to find 10mm eyes anywhere! I was lucky and had some 12mm that I had gotten off of but they just weren't right. They were too big and looked funny on the doll's face as you saw in my previous post.

I decided to ask Allison where she got her eyes and while I was waiting I went searching on google once more, like I have so many times already. However, this time I struck gold. I ran across a blog post about safety eyes!

Amigurumi Eyes – Where, What, How To’s / FAQ / Info

Not only was the post extremely informative but CR's Crafts still had the sets of 100 eyes in every size for under 10 bucks! I couldn't believe it! That's 50 amigurumi dolls for 9 dollars round abouts. I just went to the home page and clicked on "Product Index" then clicked on "Animal Eyes". And voila! Every possible option of eyes that I could dream of! I'm a hard core black eye kind of girl, but they have so many options that I might just have to branch out when I run out of my 12mm black eyes for some of my animals that I've been doing (Military Bear).

So excited! Can't wait for them to get here!

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