Monday, September 30, 2013

You might be a crochet-aholic if....


  • your kids tell you that you don’t need to go to the yarn store because you have your own yarn store in the basement.
  • you can’t leave the house without your yarn and hook.
  • you have more yarn & hooks than a crochet store.
  • when shopping, you head to the yarn department first.
  • you have more than one crochet hook in your purse, but you don’t have any working writing tools.
  • your first question after being informed by the doctor that you need shoulder surgery is…will I still be able to crochet?
  • you would rather buy yarn than a new pair of shoes.
  • your Pinterest contains more patterns than you will ever be able to complete in one lifetime!
  • you find crochet hooks in the dryer after doing a load of laundry!
  • you would rather crochet than be on Facebook.
  • your sleep is disturbed by thoughts of new patterns.
  • you dont pay your rent cuz you need to add to your stash.
  • you have 8 wips and can’t wait to start another one, oh and you know what a wip is!
  • everything you see can be made of yarn!
  • you can’t find your hook and later discover it tangled in your hair.
  • you cry when your physical therapist tells you not to crochet until your shoulder is better.
  • you need a separate house just for your yarn.
  • you crochet food items instead of going to the grocery store and buy them.
  • you jump up from a deep sleep saying, “that is what I am going to make next!”
  • your husband tells his friends you have more yarn than Walmart.
Anyone have any other great ones to add?

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