Friday, September 27, 2013

Sanctuary by Design

For a long time I've wanted to start a blog. They just seemed like so much fun and a great way to vent or just relax and get away from the world for a few hours. But I could never quite get into it. Either I didn't know what to say or I just used it to vent and it never went anywhere. I forgot about them, let them fall off and never saw them again. So why start another one?

My blogging began originally when I uprooted my life and moved across country from coast to coast. One day I was living in beautiful Oceanside, California, and the next I was on my way to the east coast where I would eventually settle in Martinsville, Virginia. I wasn't sure about the move but I thought it was what my family needed and so off we went. This is when my blogging began... mostly to vent my insecurities and my fears, my frustrations about my life. I didn't feel like I could talk to those around me so I relied on my blog.

After a while I didn't need to vent so much. So, once again, my blog fell into obscurity. I didn't really think about it so much until my family started to notice my crocheting. At first it was just little things, the hats I had made for Christmas, the tree skirt. They were liked so much that I was asked to make some things for the small town market that's held at the train depot. I was all for it of course. Any excuse to crochet is a good excuse in my book. The one thing that bothered me was how little foot traffic the market gets. Then, it hit me.

Start a craft blog!

Not only does it help me relax but it's a great way for my family on the other side of the country to see and commission pieces for themselves! Then, if I'm lucky, I might even make a small business of it. Being a stay at home mom, it would be really nice to contribute to the household monetarily. At least enough to support my yarn addiction. :D

Thank you

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